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CII Coaching Manual


:: 1. Introduction (2:45min 6mb)

:: 2. Differentiating between rigs (11:40min 25mb)

:: 3. Depowering with a difference (3:20min 7mb)

:: 4. The CII Cunningham (4:50min 10mb)

:: 5. Wind shear (4:50min 10mb)

:: 6. Boom over the corner (9:55min 21mb)

:: 7. Perfectly configured in a breeze (3:15min 7mb)

:: 8. Centerboard & neutral helm (2:25min 5mb)

:: 9. Tacking the windward traveller (4:00min 9mb)

:: 10. Role of the vang upwind (2:00min 4mb)

:: 11. Weight distribution (4:15min 9mb)

:: 12. Outhaul & vang downwind (8:05min 17mb)

:: 13. The Death Roll (5:40min 12mb)