There has been an amazing recent growth in the Bowmoor Byte fleet, which with new Hartley orders is expected to number at least 12 boats by the end of 2015. It is made up primarily by juniors coming out of Oppies and by ladies, and several use the C1 rig. Naturally they are keen to progress and an open has been agreed for 31 October 2015. Next year there will probably be a joint event there with the Supernovas. Further details of the 31 October open will follow. Eddie has decided to add this open to our 2015 traveller's series, but to keep the number of qualifiers for the traveller's series at 4. The traveller's prizes will be awarded at the end of the Bowmoor event.

More details here

Please find attached a poster advertising the Frampton-On-Severn Byte open. This is combined with an Enterprise open and a Mirror Open.  Each fleet is expected to be quite small so there should be plenty of lake for everyone. 

Frampton plan to run 4 races with 2 back to back in the morning and 2 back to back in the afternoon.  Each race will be approx. 40 minutes long. The class will start separately using a 4,2 go sequence with the Enterprises starting first followed by the Bytes and then the Mirrors.

If you have any queries please contact Phil Kirk (see poster for contact details).

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Byte Class suits lighter sailors. This does not mean that sailors need to diet to be in the class but that they are congenitally thin or small and can therefore eat as much as they wish without fear of consequences. So, once again the Combs SC open race was with us, not so much a race more a sailing and eating event.

Herewith are some details about the next Byte open at Chew Valley SC on Sunday 27 September. This is a fantastic venue, a very large stretch of water in beautiful surrounding.

It has come round again, the Combs Byte Open. Of all the traveller races this is the one not to miss. We have landscape, hospitality, camping, training and fierce competition!

There will be training on Saturday morning by Rick Whitehouse and Louis Saunders, both multiple National and Inland champions, followed by racing on Saturday afternoon and Sunday on this beautiful Peak District lake.

Pre-entries are looking good so come and join the fun. A good welcome can be guaranteed!

Sailing Instructions

Notice of Race