It may have been too windy for some classes to race at the Weymouth Regatta last weekend but this did not stop 21 Bytes sailing in their 2016 National Championship!

Not only that but on Saturday they had to sail out of Castle Cove Sailing Club, through the distant harbour entrance and across Weymouth bay. By the time they were on the race course they must have sailed for over three miles in solid 20 plus mph wind, waves and chop. They shared the course with the Osprey Class and most of those boats were sailed by good solid specimens hanging from their trapeze wires.

Not so the Bytes where in contrast the youngest competitor was Matt Banbrook at eleven years old and sailing with a C 1 rig. With three races back to back this was going to be tough day, and tough it was.

 Byte, the class that 'does what it says on the tin', what does that tin promise? That racing will be equal between age and gender, the only requirement being that helms are on the lighter side. This was successfully proved in the Byte open race at Carsington Sailing Club on Sunday June 19 when another excellent turnout of fifteen Bytes joined twenty six Supernova's for an exciting day of racing.

 The title 'resurgent class' could aptly have been applied to the Bytes this weekend where 20 sailors, a vast increase in numbers over last year, met at Haversham for their Inland Championships. What great racing it was when enthusiastic youth met experienced campaigners! Thanks must also to go to John Banbrook from Bowmoor sailing club where he recognised the advantages of the Byte and promoted it within the club. The presence of these skilled and enthusiastic youngsters has increased turnouts and lured some of the older more experienced sailors out and into this diverse fleet. Over the weekend there must have been a fifty year age gap between the youngest and the oldest as well as a mix of male/female helms. All this made for close, exciting and unpredictable racing, and what exiting sailing it was as the sun shone down on the clear water of Haversham lake.

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Please see here for SIs and NOR for our joint Byte and Supernova event on the 19th June.

Also an update on the Nationals at Weymouth –

Entries have now opened and you can access a link to the site via:

In order to avoid disappointment I would recommend signing up as soon as possible as places are limited. (Well done to the 5 quick and hawk-like members that have already registered!)

Hopefully you can make either or both of these events as they are both wonderful locations.