As most of you know the Nationals are due to be held as part of the Weymouth Regatta on the 9th and 10th July.

Please see here for the Notice of Race.

It can also be found on the official Weymouth Regatta page at :

Entry for the Regatta is due to open on Monday 16th May via the same website as above. If you want to secure your place for the Byte Nationals you will need to book quickly as the number of entries is limited and done on a first come first served basis.

Hope you are well and managing to get out in the wonderful warmer weather!

As you may know, our next event will be the Inland Championship at Haversham Sailing Club 27th and 28th May 2016.

They are a wonderfully friendly club and have very kindly offered for us to stay on-site from Friday evening!

Please see NOR and Poster.

Thank you to all those who participated and helped with our first open at Bowmoor yesterday, I hope everyone enjoyed it just as much as I did!

 Our next event will be next weekend (Saturday 16th April) at Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club, I have attached the details and we will be joined by some lasers Ok, and Solos so should be another great day J

 Phil Bush has very kindly offered to let sailors in to the dinghy park on Friday night if you need (not too late please, say up to 9.30pm ish) Feel free to contact him on: 07794471663

The sailing club will be open from 9.30am on the Saturday, bacon rolls will be available and there are plans to serve pasta or similar after sailing.

Registration will be from about 10am

 It was another interesting day for the Bytes when they joined fleets of Solo, OK and Laser at Bristol Corinthian on Saturday. Bristol Corinthian is a big bowl of a reservoir, with the Cheddar hills looming in the background, perfectly able to accommodate the four fleets. Wind was brisk but extremely cold when away from the shelter of the clubhouse and it's bacon sandwiches! There were ten Bytes and once again the fleet was a mixture of ladies, young people... and rather older people!

 What a great day it was for the Bytes at Bowmoor Sailing Club last weekend when a total of 20 boats took to the water on Saturday, including Cll's Cl's and a couple of Classic rigs. There were also plenty of new Hartley built boats which was good to see. The event was shared with 35 Supernova's but good race management ensured that 55 boats raced without incident. There had been a Byte training day on the Friday and it was obvious on race day that many of the youngsters sailing had taken considerable benefit from this!