Over the weekend of September 2nd and 3rd it was the annual Combs SC Byte open and impromptu foodfest. Racing is important at this club of course but it would not be Combs without substantial consumption of victuals and as usual competitors were greeted on Saturday morning by the tempting smell of cooking bacon and a splendid view of the surrounding hills. Sunshine burned mist off the still waters of the lake and the ducks quacked, while sheep bleated, but of wind there was none! So, that was a good start and the day continued much in that vein. However still air and sunshine do not make for good sailing!


Byte UK National Championship

Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy


by John Saunders on 27 Jul 21-23 July 2017

Well it was July after all so it should have been expected that the first day of the Byte National Championships should be cancelled because of inclement weather! The wind howled and the rain lashed as the 32 entrants looked out at the boats securely tied down on the foreshore at WPNSA.

A dozen Bytes turned up to race in Weston Sailing Clubs WOSH single hander event over the weekend of 12/13 August.

The Byte turnout was somewhat reduced because of the recent bumper Nationals at WPNSA and the teenage section of the fleet being off on holiday. This left the more 'mature' sailors to battle things out among themselves for valuable points in the traveller series. Once again the Byte proved its suitability for lighter crews but on this occasion it was the older demographic enjoying that advantage with the recently introduced smaller C1 rig proving very popular.

The Byte Under 23 Women's World Championship will be held in conjunction with the Finn Under 23 Mens World Championship in Hungary from the 20th - 27th August 2017.

For the Notice of Race and more information, please see the event website at http://2017.finnsilvercup.org/

It should be a great youth event!

Entry fee is 150 euros.

Please contact Paul Mckenzie (+33468926046) if you have any questions

If sailors would like to share boat transport with the UK finn sailors, Paul can put them in contact to see if the Finn sailors can take a few Bytes. Otherwise boats are available for charter for 500 euros at the event, including a few days training.

It should be a great event with many girls coming from European countries to race. We hope some of you will make it!