Dear Byte sailor,

A very quick update from me, though I promise to send a more detailed news letter very soon.  Please note the following key points:

  Byte Open at Weston SC 4th & 5th May - this event is cancelled.  We have sought to find a replacement event but dates, diaries and conflicting commitments have conspired against us

  The next Byte traveller event is due to be an Open event at the Mumbles YC, providing a chance to get some practice at the 2019 Nationals venue.  This will take place over 8th-9th June 2019 - more details to follow.

    We are up to 21 entries for the 2019 Nationals - this is great but we are greedy and we want more of you!  Over 90 subscribers to this distribution list and over 100 on the Facebook page.  Please enter as soon as possible - it would be great to make this the best year yet!  You can enter the 2019 Nationals here

    The prize draw for those that entered by 28th April will take place at the next Open event...

    Emma, our membership sec, needs you to join the Class Association!  Fees were due on 1st April.  We are a small Class Association run by a lean group of volunteers - please make our jobs easier by helping us.  You can email Emma at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally, sailing season is in full swing and there is lots going on around the country - get out there and enjoy yourself...