Seven Bytes ignored the weather warning and turned up for the event. (8 if you count John Futcher who came just for a blast on Sunday but did not qualify). Four races were held on Saturday and two on Sunday. Only Stu, Rachel and John braved the big winds on Sunday! They all sailed magnificently. I know as I was out in the Patrol Boat!

1st Stu Moore CII 3608 Netley SC
2nd Rachel Mackinder CI 3577 Netley SC
3rd Celia Rushton CII 3611 Weymouth SC
4th Izzy Cramp CII 3127 HPSC
5th Amber Poulin CII 3580 Weymouth SC
6th Clare Mach CI 3565 Weston SC
7th Maggie Futcher CI 3563 Weston SC

Well done Stu. There is a prize for you behind the bar at Weston.

Memo to me. Stick to the CII rig!