Herewith are some details about the next Byte open at Chew Valley SC on Sunday 27 September. This is a fantastic venue, a very large stretch of water in beautiful surrounding.

The Bytes will be taking part in the club racing (3 races), with our results extracted. There will be one race in the morning (11am start) and two in the afternoon (1:30pm start). The fee will be the club's guest fee, which is currently £10 each.

Here is a link to the club documents, which give information about club racing and start sequences. 

The Bytes will start with the handicap fleet, which is the 2nd start. Importantly, we have a 6-3-1-0 rolling start sequence with hooters every 3 mins: The 1st hoot will be 6mins for the Flying Fifteen fleet; the 2nd hoot will be 3min for the FFs and also 6min for the handicap (including Bytes); the 3rd hoot will be the FF start and also 3min for the handicap and also 6min for the lasers; the 4th hoot will be the handicap start and so on. There is also a whistle 1min before each start.

Here is a link to a map of the lake. Ignore what it says about restricted and full areas; we use the full area the whole time. 

I understand that there are currently some weed problems at Chew, although being so large the lake mostly remains fine for sailing. Just take the opportunity to check for weed if you think you are slowing down!

The Class Association will be arranging for some prizes.
If you are planning to attend then please let Cathy Bartram (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) know so that the club can be informed of likely numbers.