On April 25th the 2015 Byte traveller series kicked off at Haversham Sailing Club. There was a warm welcome from the club as always but the weather was chilly and blustery for the eight Bytes and seven Laser EPS's who were sharing the event.

photo - John Saunders
Race Officer Gordon Tweddle set a course that explored each corner of the lake and maximized the opportunity for fast reaches and challenging beats. The EPS started five minutes ahead of the Bytes and quickly proved that as well as being quite fast they also fell over rather a lot! The Bytes set off for race one in a more orderly manner and showed spectacular speed for such diminutive boats. As the race proceeded the gusts became more solid in nature and the casualties increased! Most boats completed however including experienced Byte sailor Alan Roberts who turned up rather late but was classified sixth. Race one was won by Mike Radford with Eddie Pope in second and Andrew Sant third.

After a good lunch the boats set off for race two. The sun was now showing through and the gusts increasing still further, an energetic afternoon promised. Class Chairman Eddie Pope sailing a borrowed boat led from the line chased by Mike Radford and Andrew Sant. Eddie and Mike engaged in a close battle with Mike closing on Eddie only for Eddie to find more pace and pull away again. At one point Mike managed to get through and lead but after a sensational beat Eddie regained the lead. They finished in this order with Andrew in third after a good race where he matched the leaders for speed but could not quite close the gap. Alan Roberts retired after kicking his bailer out during a multiple capsize. Julius and Claire Mach both retired not needing further punishment!

The final race would be the decider but as the three surviving boats crossed the line Eddie peeled away with a broken out haul. Andrew Sant lead Mike Radford up the first beat and was first to the windward mark but after the next screaming broad reach he wiped out in spectacular fashion, recovered then lost it again in a cloud of spray. Mike sailed away to a solitary win with Andrew a delayed second. 

1st Mike Radford (West Oxford) 1, (2), 1, 2pts
2nd Eddie Pope (Ogston) 2, 1, (DNF), 3pts
3rd Andrew Sant (Combs) 3, (3), 2, 5pts