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25 April - Haversham SC - open
2-4 May - Calshot SC - training & open
13-14 June - Cardiff YC - Inlands
18-19 July - Weston SC - Nationals
22-23 Aug - Haversham SC - training & open
12-13 Sept - Combs SC - open
27 Sept - Chew Valley SC - open
11 Oct - Frampton-on-Severn SC - open

You will note that SailFest at Calshot Activities Centre on 23-35 May is not included in our series, though you may choose to participate in this. The reason we are not using SailFest for our Nationals this year is that we have a better offer from Weston SC, which will be cheaper, more geared to our requirements and will not entail crossing the shipping channel to get to the racing area. I had hoped that SailRacer who organise SailFest would again be organising a Summer Series, but due to lack of sponsorship this has not transpired.