This is a provisional programme, awaiting final confirmation from most venues.
See relevant club websites for details when available





Club Website




Feb 12th


Training Day Thorney Island SC Thorney Island SC
See Byte Facebook page for details


Mar 26th


Open Meeting Bowmoor SC Bowmoor SC    


May 7th-8th


Byte Nationals Paignton SC Paignton SC
Part of POSH
Paignton may offer a 3 day event with racing on Friday 6th May (under discussion) As POSH attracts many other single-handed classes, book early


May 28th


Open Meeting Spinnaker SC Spinnaker SC
Spinnaker event is shared with lasers – book early as total numbers are limited. No capacity for handicapping so all on same PY, the class assoc may provide CI and/or classic prizes if more than 2 take part. Spinnaker local rule – all non-club members must be members of their class association.


June 18/19th


Open Meeting Weston Sailing Club Weston SC    


Sept 3rd/4th


Open Meeting Combs SC Combs SC    


Sept 24th/25th


Inlands Bowmoor SC Bowmoor SC    

Class association prizes (Nationals, Inlands, Travellers) require Association membership valid at the time of the events.