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Apr 28th/29th


Open Meeting/training Weymouth Sailing Club Weymouth SC Racing Saturday Training Sunday   


May 19th/20th


Open Meeting Emberton SC Emberton Park SC    


June 3rd


Open Meeting Carsington SC Carsington SC    


July 19th - 22nd


Worlds Weymouth Academy Weymouth Academy    


Aug 25th/26th


Open Meeting Weston SC Weston SC    


Sept 1st/2nd tbc


Open Meeting Combs SC Combs SC    


Sep 15th


Open Meeting Felpham Felpham SC    


Sep 29th/30th


Open Meeting Bowmoor SC Bowmoor SC    



    1. The series will be scored using the overall results for the above meetings and by applying the Low Point System for a series longer than a Regatta (Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2005 – 2008).
    2. To qualify for the series, boats must have entered at least four of the nine events.
    3. If all nine events are held, five discards shall be allowed. If eight events are held, four discards shall be allowed.  If seven events are held, three discards shall be allowed. If six events are held, two discards shall be allowed. If five events are held, one discard shall be allowed. If less than four events are held, the Trophy Series shall be void.
    4. The Fixtures Secretary or other Association Officer appointed for that task shall fix the declared entry for the series.
    5. Prizes to be awarded will be not less than the square root of the number of boats qualifying for the series.
    6. CII, CI and traditional rigs are welcome.
    7. It is the responsibility of the winner of each meeting to ensure that a report is sent to the yachting press after the event. (see Links page) and to the Byte Class This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (with full results, please)